Make a Difference

At the core of Music in Everything (MiE - pronounced "Me") is the of work of Robert M. Rucker, a jazz musician and educator for over 25 years in New York and New Jersey. Mr. Rucker’s passion and commitment to giving back to the community is a central tenet to his musical and professional endeavors and will no doubt ensure the success of MiE.

Mr. Rucker was instrumental in securing a grant from the State of New Jersey to implement an after-school program that he designed to infuse music education in all core subjects. This was based on research studies that prove that children who study music have an increased aptitude in core curriculum subjects (math, history, language arts) and that the deeper understanding of these subjects further strengthens the student’s musical proficiency, forming a tight bond. It has also been proven that students who learn to play a musical instrument develop metacognitive skills and also have a deeper appreciation for the dedication and discipline required to become adept at the instrument of their choosing. These intangible assets go beyond simple academics and lead the student to be more grounded and better able to contribute to a healthy society.


Based in New Jersey, Music in Everything will build off of the goals laid out in the original program, but will not be tied to a specific school and set of students. Funding will come from grant programs and individual and corporate donations and will be used for infrastructure, equipment, teachers and assessment materials. MiE will explore various ways to develop programs to determine how best to reach students who are most able to benefit from this approach in terms of needed academic achievement or those at-risk in underserved communities. By using a methodological approach and assessing both the students and the programs developed, MiE will also be a resource for other nonprofits across the country who are committed as MiE is to education as a way of empowerment and aptitude as a way of achievement.