Music In Everything Corp’s (MiE-Corp)*

Our mission is to examine the relationships of formal instrumental music instruction across all academic disciplines: mathematics, science, literary arts, and athletics, and to explore and create avenues using these relationships to empower 21st-century learners.  Targeted but not limited to  primary education, MIE (pronounced ME) will develop systematic methodologies from part-time programs in existing schools to after-school programs to full-fledged private, charter, or other schools.

MIE-Corp incorporate evidence-based learning and empirical research-based educational theories to increase academic, personal, and future professional achievement. In addition to developing and implementing innovative formal and informal educational and/or training programs through research and differentiated instructional strategies, the Conservatory of Music Science and Technology at MiE-Corp utilizes Arts-integration techniques to prepare students in the development of STEM+C disciplines.

What will you study @me...?

At Mie Music Science and Technology students will complete courses focusing on the integration of music perception, music-related signal processing and controllers, synthesis, performance, and composition. The program is designed for students who desire/inspire to pursue music, engineering, or science degrees.

MiE Corp.’s Music Science and Technology (MSaT) and Mobile STEaM+C Laboratory (MScL)

We are seeking funding for a STEM+C and Arts or (STEaM+C) research learning HUB and Mobile Laboratory to fulfill our quest to serve our youth and their communities. We are passionate driven, resilient and committed through our research to develop a high-quality equitable education in a fast-pace, high technical STEM workforce.

Empirical research based experiential learning through and ultimately were students create, design and collectively develop ideas and products to solve complex problems in a STEM environment utilizing customized MiE-Corp MSL’s. Engaging students in this real-world opportunity is our mission and vision to empower 21st century learners in a STEM workplace

The future of the community depends on our children learning and developing skills that will support career growth, personal growth and civic leadership. Opportunities for at-risk students to participate in the Arts are fewer than we would like. There is an abundance of at-risk youth in our communities, and over recent years we have seen a growth in negative social behaviors in schools and in homes. The violent crime statistics are higher than our local counterparts.

The MScL(s) seeks to steer the tide through increased opportunities to learn and be engaged. We will work with the youth in our schools as well as the community at large with a customized state-of-the-art mobile facility equipped with a recording studio, science and piano lab.  This will offer the community an opportunity to participate in the Arts through an array of multimedia, engineering, and audio devices and tools.